Boston Leadership Conference


Date: July 15-24, 2004

Location: Boston, MA

Conference: National Juniors Leadership Conference, CSI

Subjects Studied & Activities from the Conference

* Ballistics
* Finger Printing
* Soil Analysis
* Interviewing
* Leadership
* Teamwork
* C.S.I. Techniques

Newspaper Article 11-2004

I would like to thank everyone who helped me raise the money for my trip to Boston to study the C.S.I and leadership.

While I was in Boston I met a lot of new people, had fun, learned about leadership skills, studied crime scene investigation and solved a simulated crime. Some of the major activities I did were ballistics, fingerprinting and soil analysis. I also learned how to tell true information from fake, how I can interview better, and other things like what bullet marks would look like on the body from certain distances.

The fund raisers I did to attend this leadership conference were bake sales, a Forest Service lunch and dessert auction, breakfast for teacher in-service days, selling flowers, selling suckers, a sphere auction, requesting donations from companies, and speaking to the Thorne Bay City Council and Booster Club. My trip to Boston was probably one of the greatest things I have ever done in my life and I would love to do it again. I recommend the Lead-America Youth Conferences to any student interested, it was worth all the effort to raise the money.
Thank-you Again,
Ethan Cook

Credit from SISD

* Work Skills

* Writing & Reading

* Science

* Social Studies