About Ethan Cook

Community and Service
Instructed math and technology classes for Thorne Bay School Planning a winter coat drive in December 2004
Tutored other kids and teachers in technology and math Student council officer for 2 years
Main student volunteer for the Booster Club last year Created the level 8 skills test in math for the SISD Model (Graduation Level is 7)
Youth Center board member  



 Video Games



 Fishing and Hiking

 Helping others

Careers and Interests

 Video Game Designing & Tester

 Undecided - still thinking

Plan to finish all levels in all subjects of the SISD model Plan to take college classes in my Junior and Senior years
Currently I have all advanced scores for my 14 high school credits 4.0 GPA
Plan to attend college  

Sample Projects

ASTE iDidaMovie Tell Me a Story - 1st Place Winner - January 2003

ASTE iDidaMovie Teach Me Something - 1st Place Winner - January 2003

American History Day Project - participant - March 2003